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Fill a dictionary with properties of a class

Following scenario… you need to create a key/value configuration file within a configuration class. Properties are the Keys and their value is the value ;). Values for the properties need to be assigned automaticly when the “configuration file” is loaded, … Continue reading

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Warum Qualitätssicherung wichtig ist!

In die Qualitätssicherung von Software wird grundsätzlich zu wenig investiert (Projekte sind zu knapp geplant, Budget wird für andere Bereiche aufgebraucht, etc.). Wieso dies ein Fehler ist oder warum gerade in systemkritischen Bereichen der Softwaretest nicht zu kurz kommen darf, … Continue reading

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Nature One 2014

This year again 😉 to the nature one… 20 year anniversary 😉 will be fun, we say, will be cool we say!

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User Clean UP

Deleted all users with Zero (0) posts ;), well at least all that I didn’t know.

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New Flat

This gallery contains 6 photos.

One month ago I moved into a new flat and I’m renovating the living room 😉

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New sound from south africa

Fantastic new sound from south Africa, absolutely must hear 😉 Die Antwoord – Baby’s on fire Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky Official Youtube Channel: Official Website: Itunes Link for the new Album “Ten$ion:$ion/id497643650?ls=1   Update: Here is another one, … Continue reading

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Fei Fei

Currently listening to one of my favorite djs FeiFei 😉   here is the direct link:

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Kleine und Große Quadratische Lösungsformel

Allgemeiner quadratische Funktion: $latex ax^2 + bx + c$ Die “große” Lösungsformel: $latex x_{1,2} = \frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}$ wird angewendet wenn $latex a$ ein numerischer Wert größer 1 ist. zb.: $latex 3x^2+2x+3$ oder $latex 3x^2+2x$ Die “kleine” Lösungsformel: $latex x_{1,2} = -\frac{p}{2}\pm\sqrt{(\frac{p}{2})^2-q}$ wird angewendet … Continue reading

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Simple Hello Kitty with C#

How to create a Simple “Hello Kitty” with C# (Console Application) First we create a “Console-Application-Project” within the Visual C# Express Studio   The Console Project Name can be anything you like (ex. HelloKitty) After pressing “ok” the File Program.cs … Continue reading

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Mein Blog lebt…

… ab und zu zumindest 😉 *gg*

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